BRH Changes to Policy - August 2020

Please take the time to read this very important notice
This notice was emailed to all active Black Rock Hosting clients on August 26, 2020

Black Rock Hosting has proudly been in business for over 10 years, serving an array of customers and tending their needs for business excellence and success. Over those years, a progression to email marketing clients took shape, and is currently one of our most valued customer segments. Due to the nature of email marketing, it is normal to come into some sending issues, and also receiving some complaints from subscribers.

Recently, these complaints have gotten progressively higher in occurrence. Due to the sheer volume of complaints coupled with stricter industry standards, Internet Protocol addresses (IPs) are being blocklisted. The nature of complaints have gotten more severe, and we have noticed a direct tie to increased abuse complaints with increased bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, the abuse matter has gotten so extreme that we here at Black Rock Hosting have to deploy stringent rules in our mission to protect the integrity of our services, infrastructure and performance, for the benefit of all our customers we have served these past 10 years.

This letter serves as notice for the upcoming changes that will take effect September 2020.


It will be required that for any server opening Port 25, an rDNS request must be submitted. The request must be sent through our support system, which you can find access to through your customer portal.

  • The rDNS request must be sent as IP , domain (ex: sub-domain or
  • The IP must be clear of any blocklists.
  • The domain must be one owned by your company, and clear of any blocklist.
  • This is all a matter of standard Best Mailing Practices.

Fees on Data Transfer overages

Starting on November 1, 2020, outbound data transfers exceeding 1TB will result in additional charges that will be applied to the monthly renewal invoice.

Starting in September 2020, you may notice new line items on the monthly invoice. These are to express the overage usages on particular servers, so that your team may shape the servers data transfers below the 1TB threshold.

Starting on November 1, 2020, charges of 0.99¢ per 10GB over 1TB of usage from the prior month will be applied to the account's monthly renewal.

Fees on Blocklisted IPs

This fee is for IPs that are Blocklisted while under lease of your account. As a courtesy, a warning will be provided with the first Blocklist complaint against the account. The Blocklisted IP will be removed from the server and will not be replaced by Black Rock Hosting.

For each subsequent Blocklisted IPs, the IP will be removed without being replaced by Black Rock Hosting, and a blocklist management fee of $50.00 will be applied to the next monthly renewal.

Fees on Abuse Complaints per IP

Single IPs can result in numerous abuse complaints. This has been happening in excess, and cannot continue. In an attempt to eradicate abuse complaints, fees and server termination will take place. Every server receiving 8 abuse complaints will be fined $25.00 on the next monthly renewal. Additional complaints will result in server termination and account disruptions.

We understand that these are many changes at once, and we hope this impresses the importance of this matter. Abuse complaints must be eradicated. We look forward to your cooperation and continued support.

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