Root Access

Black Rock Hosting servers do not use the root account. It is considered a large security risk.
This article will provide instructions on using "sudo su -" and also how to find your server password.

"sudo su -" for Root level actions:
Log in to your server with your account username and password, as provided in the email, "Your Server at Black Rock Hosting".

Please use "sudo su -"  or "sudo <command> to perform root level actions.
It is unnecessary to change the root password as it is secure and never seen by a person.
Additional users can be added to sudo using "visuso" and adding a user to the bottom of the file.

We recommend changing your password immediately after a server is created and then regularly thereafter.

How to find your Server Password:
If you require access to a particular server, please login to your customer portal
Go to 'Actions' tab > 'Details'
Go to 'Actions' tab > 'Resend Setup Email'
Within that email you will find your personal login information for that particular server.

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