Initial Server Setup Document

Once a server is provisioned the following email will be sent to you with setup and access details for your server. For your reference a fictional one is included here


John Doe;

Your new server is now setup. You can find details of this server and any other in our customer portal:


Main IP:
Username: Johndoe
Password: hqW7Ko6AG40BU3JmHlQTWQ



Black Rock Hosting servers do not use the root account. It is considered a large security risk.


Log in with your account username and password that is listed above.

Please use "sudo su -"  or "sudo <command> to perform root level actions.

It is unnecessary to change the root password as it is secure and never seen by a person.

Additional users can be added to sudo using "visuso" and adding a user to the bottom of the file.


*We recommend changing your password immediately and regularly.

Please read the following document for more detailed information about your server and Black Rock Hosting specific details. We find that most support requests are covered in this document.

The root (/) partition is an ephemeral drive and is smaller than you may expect. Data on it can be lost more easily than the /data drive(s). This set-up can be significantly faster than the traditional setup but you may need to use symlinks to /data for your applications, data or logs that use /. Please contact support if you would like to have a different drive setup. However we highly recommend never keeping critical data on /.   Alternative setups are considered a custom product and will have a price difference.


Please allow IP ssh access through your firewall in order for the customer portal controls to function.
For your safety and data integrity, we encourage the use of our network (port only) firewall in addition to local firewall protections.
During your set-up, port 22(SSH) and port 80(web) are open.



From the Customer Portal, there is full access to open and close firewall ports on all of the listed servers


Go to Customer Portal:

Find desired server, and select ‘Edit Firewall Config’ from the ‘Actions’ toggle menu.

Fill in Ports to be opened in ‘Port’ field


Select ‘All’ for allowing all IP's through, Select ‘One’ for Allows one or a range of IP's through. Please CIDR notation.

For example for a single IP for a Class C.


Once Ports are entered, select ‘Update’

If additional Ports are required, simply repeat this process.

 **Allow process for up to 2 minutes**Please do not hit back button or refresh browser page**


Payment for servers is due upon ordering. The payment method you selected will be charged at the completion of your order. Servers are leased a monthly bases and your first order with Black Rock Hosting sets your "Renew Date" for all future servers.

On your "Renew Date" your selected payment method will be used to pay your monthly amount.

Please see your customer panel for your payment history, "Renew Date", changes to Payment method, cancellations and other information.

Please note that IP's are not listed on the first payment but they are on all future ones.

Paypal customers: 2 days before your renew date you will be sent an email with a Paypal Payment link. Please note, PayPal is NOT an automatic process. You must pay via the email.

 Credit Card payments are automatically charged on their Renew Date.


 Cancellations should be made from your customer portal, by following this link:

Cancellation requests via email or Black Rock Hosting website will not be honored.


 Payment for servers is due on the Renew Date and will use the payment method you have selected in your customer portal.

Customers with past due charges must pay their balance before ordering a new server.

 Companies with more than 3 over due servers will be entirely canceled with no refunds.



There is a general no refund policy. This is done to keep costs down for quality customers.

 Refunds are given when the cause of an issue is determined to be the fault of Black Rock Hosting.

 Please see your customer portal for your renew date, payment type, invoices and server controls.


Please email to open a support ticket.

Would you like to order another server, add an IP, hard drive or like more information about our other services? Please visit our web page and contact us.

Please let us know if you need any assistance and we look forward to working with you!

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