The Internet is Not Safe! Secure your Server!

The Internet is not safe! Secure your server!

 Attempted hacking of servers is at an all time high. The technical staff at Black Rock Hosting, with its 40 years of experience, has never seen hacking be as prevalent as it is today!

 For example, a new server set-up will typically have ten thousand or more SSH (Secure Shell) login attempts in the first 24 hours! Fortunately, this brute force attempt to login is generally not successful due to using long, random passwords. However it illuminates how fast and aggressive hacking attempts are from the start. 

We strongly recommend you secure your server as much as possible. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are not a target; you are.

 Before making any changes we suggest having two (2) log-ins active to a server, one to test the login with, and one to make changes. We also suggest you be familiar with the authentication process of servers before making any changes, as you can permanently break the server.

Here are some vital suggestions to best protect your server from being hacked:

* Use long, randomized passwords and change them monthly.

* Use non-standard ports for SSH. The default is 22, but combinations containing 22 are also at risk also, 22122 for example.

* Use IPtables on the machine locally and our on your network firewall. (The network firewall can be changed in your customer portal)

* Use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). This has proven to be one of the best ways to secure SSH as well as web applications. A good document on it is here

Black Rock Hosting offers services to better secure your server, and we are happy to assist you in the securing of a machine. Please contact to discuss your needs.

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