Server Down/Unavailable

We are sorry you are having problems connecting to your server.
Please check your monitoring software, 99% of of this type of problem being false


Please attempt to log in to your server from two different areas of the world before assuming our network is down

Please note that your server is an "unmanaged" server. Black Rock Hosting can only verify that the server and it's OS are operating normally. Your setup and application must be checked by you.

If you continue to have issues with your server:
* Verify you are monitoring the correct IP
* Check your firewall settings in your customer portal
* Check your server side firewall settings
* Check your monitoring software
* Check your network path between your location and your server.

If you are unable to access your server you may need to request an OS Reinstall in order to resolve configuration issues. This will result in an main IP change.
Reinstall can be done from you customer panel:

If you would like assistance in diagnosing this further please provide the following.
* Provide access to Black Rock Hosting to your server if you have restricted it.
* Fully detail the issue. "server is down" provides no useful information. What connection is failing, what port, provide a means of testing if possible.
* Detail the use and applications the server is using.

Consulting contracts, system architecture specialists and other services are available to improve your uptime. Black Rock Hosting can provide both High-Availability and Fault Tolerant designs.

Thank you.
Manage your servers from the Customer Portal:

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